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nternet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a VOD (Video on Demand) streaming service which
transmits television signals through High Speed Internet Connections to wide range of Smart
Devices. It aims at making a mark in the history of Digital Entertainment, by focusing on a large
variety of Movies, Television Series, Anime, Documentaries and much more, through a very low
amount of our monthly subscription fees.

Simple, follow the same steps when you ordered the first time. Your app will show you when the subscription is running out. Place another order and time will be added to your account.

No, we do not bill you, this way there are no surprises, when it is time to renew simply return to the store and place another order. Time will be added to your account.

  • Traditional Satellite Programming requires the customer to install a dish at their whereabouts
    whereas IPTV programming offers a unique solution to all those people who don’t want to put
    up a dish, either due to space limitations or long setup procedures. It provides a very simple
    and cheaper setup of your device with a very low amount of monthly subscription, without
    setting up any dish.
  • For setting up of an IPTV, You will need a High Speed Internet Connection (preferably 4.0
    mbps), a functioning Smart device and the Recipient of IPTV

You can use various Speed Test Servers available online, for a couple of times in a day, which
will give you an overall idea of the estimated Internet Speed available on your device. A stable
4.0 mbps is preferable to run IPTV.

  • Yes, IPTV works perfect for people living in an apartment. IPTV is a network which works well,
    anywhere and anytime, with just High Internet Speed, be it an apartment and a High Rise
    Building. Don’t worry even if you’re often travelling, take your IPTV along and watch your
    favorites anytime.
  • Yes, you can buy and use an IPTV If you do not qualify for the satellite TV Service. IPTV delivers
    international and hassle free programming to your TV via the Internet so no dish is required for
    its set up.
  • Don’t worry even if you are unable to access your account, we have a very simple solution to
    that as well: Check your network connection
     Reboot your router and device, and then try again
    If your internet is working good, then please check if your account is being used by
    another device
  • Yes, you can subscribe to IPTV, from anywhere to anytime. Our IPTV services are available to
    anybody, worldwide.
Yes, you can use your subscription on multiple devices, but, only 1 device can be used at a time.

You can subscribe to our service by paying through your Debit/Credit Card, through secured
payment getaway, with automatic currency converter and no hidden fees

  • Your Subscription starts as soon as you receive your activation credentials in your e-mail.
  • If while you are watching a channel the service appears to have paused, simply select and open another channel, then return to the original channel to see if it is now playing, this can be due to break in transmission for a second, the software will halt under these conditions.
  • Check if you have entered your activation details correctly
  • Check your Internet Connection, Reboot your router and device, and try again (wait for at least 30 seconds before restarting)
  • If you have any other device/devices connected to the same internet connection, then
    please check whether you are overloading the connection
  • Check your internet speed and its quality with the help of speed test websites
  • Make sure that you are connected using LAN cables, and not via Wi-Fi
  • Check if your subscription is being used by another device
  • Send us your IP address for restoration (visit ‘’)
  • Check if your device/app/program have already been updated with the latest version
  • Check the download speed of your device which is streaming our service. You may have a higher downloading speed on your computer, but the device might or might not have
    the same speed, which further indicates a problem on your internal network
  • Check for any high processor demanding applications running in the background that can be stopped. (Very important for low end devices)
  • Check if your ISP is having problems in your area (
  • Try uninstalling and then re-installing your app/program. This will not affect your activation.
  • We do our best to provide you with the best possible support.
    1 However, sometimes it happens when your channels just disappear. Then, don’t worry
    and just give it a couple of minutes or so, because we make sure to reboot and
    swap/add channels every time to make your experience more good and satisfying.OR

    2 If it is happening on all channels, then Reboot and restart your devices (make sure to
    wait for at least 30 seconds before turning them on)
    3 Check if you are connecting using a LAN, and not through Wi-Fi


    4 If you are watching a channel and it pauses in between, then just switch to another
    channel and then return to the original one to see if the issue has been resolved. (This
    can happen due to break in transmission for a moment, the software will halt under
    these conditions)

Sometimes, you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic.
Another reason is that sometimes, your Wi-Wi is not suited for watching TV as you are not
directly (LAN) connected to it.
1 Connect your router using a LAN cable to a power line adapter
2 Change your Wi-Fi channel, to avoid interference with nearby devices
3 Press ‘pause’ for 10-15 seconds, and resume

If you are using a set top box such as MAG or AVOV, and have just set up your device with us. In
such cases, it usually requires a hard reset of your device.
Turn off your device, unplug your power cable and re-plug it.

For KODI, clear your cache. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, then attempt a reinstall of KODI

Why some of my channels only has sound but no video?
It happens because of decoder settings problems
1. Go to Settings in your device/app/program
2. Choose Native for the Decoder
3. Restart

  • Because of decoder setting problem, some channels are only having sound without images/video, please do as followings:1. Go to Settings in your device/app/program.
    3. Choose Native for the Decoder.
    4. Restart.

It happens due to some Technical difficulties of a channel, please give it some time. Also, check
if some incompatible device/app/program has been used.

Check the link on your PC using VLC software. Also check if you are not using your M3U link on
any other device.
Contact us if the problem still persists.

Please check whether your account is used on other devices.
If yes, please visit by using a computer, and find your IP Address, next send your IP Address to us for restoration. Please note that 1 subscription can only be used on 1 device at the same time, otherwise your account would be banned soon because of automatic security defense.

We only restore it for 2 times for 1 subscription. If your account is banned again after restoration please contact us.
*If you abuse our service with using multiple devices for 1 subscription be aware we may permanently ban your subscription.

1 Have you provided us with the correct MAC address?
2 Check your internet speed (should be 8mbps for HD channels)
3 Is your device connected through LAN (LAN always works better than Wi-Fi)?
4 Are your device’s specs powerful enough to effortlessly handle our live HD streaming?
5 Have you set up your STB Emulator correctly?
6 Try cleaning your cache on STB Emulator
5 Restart your devices
6 Log out and factory reset your devices
7 Check the server portals, already sent through the activation e-mail